A book with paintings, photo’s and montages bij Arnoud de Blauw and Jeltsje de Blauw.
Below you can see een few images and a part of the text, just to give you a short impression of the book.

“Shenzen as an image
The rapid urban growth and the way this has influenced the way of building, makes Shenzen a special and interesting case. There is a great focus on functionality when constructing residential zones at such a high rate. Buildings are no longer individual objects but are build out of necessity, thereby skipping cultural development completely . This background creates a completely different city landscape then the one that can be observed in cities such as New York and London……..”

“China Blue
The idea of China Blue originates in the similarities in and elements that can be found in the paintings by Arnoud de Blauw and the photographs taken by Jeltsje de Blauw in Shenzen, these similarities are especially apparent when viewing the photos taken from great heights. Because of the chosen compositions and the way the photographs are shot, by taking little steps and focusing on small variations, there are similarities in this approach and ‘way of looking’ between the photos and the paintings. The challenge of China Blue was to try and bring these two different viewpoints together, not to compare them but to find a field of tension between the abstract and reality of images. ………..”

On request we make the book. Price excl. forwarding charges €150.-






Made in 1988, Prix de Rome, second round, the Atlas Unique. A book,  26  – 19 inch, with 16 unique images made in etching technique and lacquer. 

This unique is a collectors item. 

On request we make a book based on photo’s of te Atlas Unique. Link to pictures of the Atlas. Price excl. forwarding charges €150.-

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