Blauws is based on synergy and connection.

Blauws provides creative services and products, linked to both the cultural sector and other domains outside of this sector. Innovation and cultural values are central to Blauws’ approach, art as a unifying factor in society and as an important condition (in addition to participation, care , welfare and education) for a high quality of life.

Paining, Graphics & Drawings


Arnoud (A.F.) de Blauw
18 – 06 – 1954 (Westzaan)
Working and living in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands

Short description of my work:
After a period of working in the silence and space of my own studio. I’ve decided that it’s time to
start showing my work again. Spatial effect is an important element in both my paintings as my
graphics. I want to create a space where drawn lines have a significant meaning by dividing flat areas
into smaller surfaces and geometric shapes combined with flat planes of colour. A space that in no
way refers to the actual space around us, though sometimes the temptation is strong to assume that
it does. Space and colour change as a result of our own perception. This produces a form of art which
slowly reveals its meaning when looking at it.

History of work:
From 1975 to 1994, various exhibitions, both solo shows and exhibitions and installations in

After 1994, I decided to take time to develop my work within my own studio, with visits by
appointment only.

From 1979 until the end of 2013 I combined my own practice as an artist with a teaching
position at the Academy of Arts in Arnhem.

– Rijksacademie Jan van Eyck Maastricht 1978- 1979
– Academy of Arts in Arnhem, Fine arts department 1973– 1978

Public Relations & Sales


Hanneke (JM) Keus

Born 27 augustus 1960 The Hague
Management consultant at
Shares with Blauws the passion for art and society.
Public Relations & Sales